Gavin Wood – New BforB Regional Director Manchester

Gavin Wood – New BforB Regional Director Manchester

Business for Breakfast (BforB) are pleased to announce the appointment of GAVIN WOOD as our new Franchisee and Regional Director for Central Manchester. Gavin has an impressive business background and will make an exciting and dynamic addition to BforB.

Gavin grew up in New Zealand, first arriving in the UK 30 years ago and completed his Master’s of Research (MRes) in “Innovative Manufacturing and Sustainable Design” at Cranfield University. In the last 13 years Gavin has been an operations manager for a development trust, a project manager for the financial management team in Trafford Council, a management consultant and business coach, sat on and advised numerous Board of directors, including social enterprises and charities, and has set up 2 businesses.

We wanted to get to know Gavin and why he opted for a franchise with BforB.

  • Why BforB?

“For two very simple reasons. Firstly it suits my personality. A friendlier way of dealing with business, and building personal relationships. It’s not just about the sales. It’s a complete network support, on a peer to peer level. For me building these long-term relationships over time will pay a return 100 fold against what people put in. No gimmicks, just a great way to distinguish our businesses and ourselves. Secondly, I completed a lengthy ten month due diligence on what BforB has to offer! The potential is amazing”.

  • Ten months! So you’re sure it’s the right move?

“Absolutely. I entered discussions with Mel back in May 2015 after standing down as Chair of the Board for a local business. I needed to be sure my investment was being backed by a strong support network that was continuing to drive forward. Mel has been patient and extremely helpful in my quest to make sure I’m making the right choice. I was at a crossroads at this point and Mel understood. There was no pressure, she just kept the door open for me and demonstrated the support that is part of the BforB brand”.

  • What was a definitive decider for you?

“Far more than the business plan, it’s the strategic developments and investments being made at the moment that are inspiring. BforB is changing and I want to be part of its future”.

  • Have you started to make plans for Central Manchester?

“Yes. My first job is to get to know the executive teams already in place at the current groups. I want to engage in the BforB training with them. I’ve been privy to see this in the making. It gives a clarity of purpose throughout the BforB organisation, which everyone will benefit from”.

  • Is there anything you are looking for at the moment?

“Yes. I want to open a ‘Creative’ group in Central Manchester; a photographer, event organiser, ticketing provider, journalist, web designer, videographer, florist, set designer, etc. Manchester is a creative place full of entrepreneurs and I believe building a group like this could have amazing potential for its members to support and refer work between them”.

“If there is anyone out there who wants to open a new group with me then get in touch, I am always open to new ideas. I’m already chatting to a couple of people. All I ask is that you have a drive and ambition to work with me to grow a group. BforB is about real people, real referrals, real business and real support. It’s a foundation from which you grow your business and capitalise on opportunity. And that excites me”.

  • What ongoing things are there to look forward to?

“On the 23rd February we held our first BforB open network event at The Ainscow. The plan is to arrange these on a regular basis so that businesses can visit and speak to current members and get to understand first hand why a BforB membership is the right choice

We think it’s safe to say that Gavin is going to be an important part of the growth of BforB Manchester. There are a number of ways to make contact to discuss how you can get involved as a member, or if you also feel that being a BforB franchisee will work for you.

Tel no: +447 531 048 269



Interviewer; Gill Arnott, GEM Business Support Ltd

Photographer: Heather Nelson;

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