The HOT business news for the business world is the headline about the Supreme Court ruling to abolish court fees for employees taking their employer to tribunal.  It has created a division of thought between the entrepreneurship world, and the employment growth ambitions of the business world for the remaining half of 2017.  Employment lawyers are describing this ruling as ‘game-changing’.

Welcoming the judgement, Richard Burgon, the Shadow Justice Secretary, said the Conservatives should “Accept the ruling and consign their immoral Employment Tribunal fees to the dustbin of history”.  Mr Burgon went on to say that “It’s an important day for access to justice for ordinary working people everywhere.”  Whether you agree or not, this debate will rage on!

Could franchising step up and bridge the gap?

With potential employers reticent in employing further staff, and possibly down-sizing teams, the rise of unemployment could be just around the corner!  For many employed people the worry is real. Uncertainty about job security is something that gives sleepless nights.

Are you unemployed, worried about your job security, or just looking for a career – change browse and see what Franchising can offer you?

Owning a franchise will give you the satisfaction of running your own small business with the security and knowledge of an expert franchisor and franchise network behind you.

There are several great reasons to choose a franchise – these are just a few: –

  • You go into business for yourself, not by yourself.
  • You get to work with a tried and trusted business model, already enjoying national or international brand-name recognition.
  • Attracting a level of quality and consistency from day one – under our expertise training development courses. Many franchise options allows you to function without the need to employ people.

In over 16 years we witnessed the entrepreneurial landscape change or evolved many times and we saw the resilience of the small to medium sized businesses. This game changing law is certainly something we can beat and triumph over with working.  We are available on 03303335023.


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