How Many New Year Resolutions Have You Kept?

How Many New Year Resolutions Have You Kept?

Now that we’ve reached Spring, you may have forgotten most of the New Year resolutions you hastily made a few months ago. Have you given up smoking? Are you leading a much healthier lifestyle? Did you take up that new hobby you had been promising to try? Have you changed your job? Started that new business? If you’re wondering where all the time has gone, you probably aren’t the only one.

Many people begin the year with grand plans for the 12 months ahead but things get in the way that essentially put those hopes and dreams on the backburner. You’re busy at work, you have to pay off some bills from Christmas time, you just haven’t had time to put your business plan down on paper.

One way to get your new year resolution to start your own business back on track is to start looking at possible franchise opportunities. The franchise industry in the UK is worth £13.7 billion and is a great way for individuals to become owners of ‘ready-made’ businesses that have all the components in place that increase the chances of success.

The Benefits of Taking on a Franchise

  • Franchises are businesses that have already been developed and have a strong brand identity behind them. You are essentially becoming a business owner but latch onto something that is established and recognised by potential customers.
  • Because the brand is already known, the move from setting up to actually beginning to make a profit is much shorter.
  • You get access to the business processes and support that comes with a particular franchise. That enables you to work with existing suppliers and networks who can increase your chances of success and provide you with the support and security you need as a new business owner.
  • The chances of success operating a franchise are much greater than if you start your own business from the ground up.

Of course, being a franchisee involves just as much hard work and application as developing a new business. You’ll need drive and determination but, if you choose the right franchise, you’ll have the safety net of a well-known brand that has a proven track record and which people recognise. You’ll make more money than if you were working for a company as an employee because you are essentially your own boss and you can take the opportunity of owning the franchise to grow your business development skills and boost your entrepreneurial ambitions.

At Business for Breakfast Franchise we provide all the support and help you need to develop a franchise business. That not only means giving great advice about which franchise opportunity is best suited to your current skill set but also introducing you to other entrepreneurs who can provide advice and guidance as you begin to fulfil your dream.

If you have the get up and go to succeed and want a clear opportunity to bring your New Year resolution of owning and running your own business to fruition, then contact us today.

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