I had to reboot it, and that was that it wouldn’t come up

I had to reboot it, and that was that it wouldn’t come up

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canada goose site officiel Nothing like coming back from a long holiday weekend and having one of your main production servers croak as soon as you Canada Goose Pas Cher arrive. It’s a sunny day outside and I was stuck wearing my Pas Cher Canada Goose fleece jacket and fingerless gloves inside a well air conditioned server closet. canada goose site officiel

canada goose outlet So what happened? Not sure exactly, but bruno (the upload server, as well as the main boincadm administrative server) was all hung up as soon as we started the normal Tuesday outage. I had https://www.lawenforcementcanada.ca/ to reboot it, and that was that it wouldn’t come up properly again. canada goose outlet

Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher It seems to be a multiple part problem. There was a disk failure, and the 3ware card in this system has always given us trouble. What kind of trouble? Well, if you reboot the system (without a full power cycle) random drives go missing. That’s kind of a problem, no? I don’t think this www.lawenforcementcanada.ca is a single broken card a labmate has similar problems with the same model in his system (I forget the model , but it’s 24 channels). Anyway, the big RAID10 holding all the results was tagged as degraded and rebuilding now. Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher

fausse canada goose pas cher That’s fine, except the OS (which is on separate partitions and not under the jurisdiction of the 3ware card) isn’t booting either. Jeez! The good news is I can boot of a Fedora live CD and see both the root and upload storage drives, so there’s no data loss. It just won’t boot! fausse canada goose pas cher

canada goose solde The other good news is that, if we need it, we have a backup system already: synergy! It might be getting pulled into prime time sooner than expected. It doesn’t have nearly the large number of disk spindles as on bruno, but this might not be an issue there’s still plenty of disk space on it. And a lot of memory for potential file system caching. It’s still undecided if we’re going to make synergy the new bruno, but I’m at least copying everything there now just to be safe. canada goose Doudoune Canada Goose solde

canada goose femme I might still be able to get bruno up this afternoon, but if not, looks like we’re down for the evening (it’ll take that long to copy everything over to synergy) canada goose femme.

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