People drive every single day because they have to EAT and PAY

People drive every single day because they have to EAT and PAY

I found a seat next to a slim fellow named Rob Alexander Carew, who’d flown down from Toronto. He’d been following a nutritarian program for four months. “I’ve lost 30 pounds,” he told me. People drive every single day because they have to EAT and PAY for a roof over their heads. If you don’t eat you die, if you don’t have a roof over your head, then you’re a burden to others and we all know how people like you feel about taking care of others that can’t take care of themselves. Furthermore, what would alleviate traffic in the metro period is being mindful of overdevelopment, (slamming apts, retail and office space ) into an already dense area with the standard one way in and one way out road system.

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