“People talk about winning ugly versus playing the beautiful

“People talk about winning ugly versus playing the beautiful

If it gets you the win, it gets you the win.”People talk about winning ugly versus playing the beautiful game. If you’re winning fairly that’s all that matters.”Rodgers will not have much to worry about if Aberdeen start like they did the last time the sides met.Rangers target Ryan Jack has shown utter contempt for Aberdeen ahead of their biggest game in 27 yearsCeltic found themselves three goals up after just 11 minutes but the Reds did make more of a game of it as the match went on.However, it was another letdown for the Pittodrie faithful after watching their side show the champions far too much respect back in November’s Betfred Cup final.Reynolds says lessons have been learned from that 3 0 defeat.”You saw in the last cup final that lack of experience cost us,” he said. “It’s about getting used to being in those high pressure situations and making sure you can turn up and deliver.”If you look at the 79 minutes against Celtic when we did go toe to toe with them, then the games against Rangers and Partick Thistle, then we will go in with a lot of confidence.(Photo: SNS)”But we’re under no illusions.

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