Before investing in a franchise it is important to really understand the business model and find current franchisees who can offer their advice and insights. Below are just a handful of testimonials from some of our franchisees, if after reading them you think you would like to find out more about joining the BforB franchise team then please contact us.

Tony Hayes, BforB Regional Director for the North West

To get more business I knew I had to find the right sort of referral marketing organisation. I chose BforB because I could see the quality of referrals it was generating at the time were right for my business. I liked the product so much that I bought the franchise and I now run 13 groups around Manchester.

Phil Oakley, BforB Regional Director for the West Midland

“I originally joined BforB as a member, but took over the franchise for the West Midlands because I saw how fantastically well it worked. ”

Sarah White, BforB Regional Director for Staffordshire Ladies Group

“I took on the BforB franchise because I’d seen at first-hand how BforB’s referral marketing platform had helped me to grow my telecoms business. Not all BforB ladies could attend the breakfast meetings because of family commitments, so I took on the franchise and introduced a lunchtime format. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Peter Rose, BforB Regional Director for Sheffield and South Yorkshire

“Businesses have to be built, developed and profiled in the right way if they want to grow successfully, the Business for Breakfast franchise helped me to give these businesses the perfect platform to bring their skills and experience to the marketplace.”

Charlie Mernagh, BforB Master Licensee for Ireland

“I took on the licence because it helps me to bring local businesses together and open up new opportunities for them. The main reason why it works so well is that the members trust each other, and when they trust each other they then help each other.”

Amjid Bhatti, BforB Regional Director for Manchester

“The reason I took on the BforB Manchester franchise was that I like being right in the mix and at the heart of decision makers and local business people. Running a franchise has opened so many doors and so many more business opportunities for me.”

Janet Malphus, BforB Regional Director for Hampshire

“The reason I enjoy my role as regional director is because I have the opportunity to work with my wonderful members. I see how they flourish and how being a BforB member makes them more successful.”

Ryan Tobias, BforB Regional Director for Beds, Bucks, Herts and Northants

“I took on the BforB franchise because I’d seen how businesses can grow quicker if they act together. My role as a Regional Director is to help other businesses become more successful than they could if they tried to do it on their own.”

Kamila Zarychtova, BforB Master Licensee for the Czech Republic

“I took on the BforB Master Franchise for the Czech Republic because I saw it as a fantastic opportunity. My experience with referral marketing meant that I knew how it effective it could be if you were surrounded by positive and enthusiastic people. I wanted to surround myself with the same sort of people here in the Czech Republic.”

Mark Ferguson, BforB Regional Director for South Lancashire

“I took on the BforB franchise because I enjoyed my time as a member, and it was a natural next step for me after that.”

Len Foster, BforB Regional Director for South Cheshire

“The reason I took on the franchise was because it provided a number of opportunities for me: one was to run groups and help out local businesses, and the other was a training opportunity. It just worked for me all round.”

Interested in joining the BforB franchise?

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