“They don’t even know their children are gone (to Iraq or

“They don’t even know their children are gone (to Iraq or

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Prada Bags Replica They’re gone.”He said people can become radicalized in front of their computers and recruitment can take just a few weeks.”We couldn’t detect them,” he said.RCMP Sgt. Hakim Bellal, head of a community outreach program on radicalization and national security, has also seen firsthand how families are affected by the radicalization of their children.”The families are the victims Prada Outle,” he said. “They don’t even know their children are gone (to Iraq or Syria).Montreal police officers discussed the foreign fighter problem this week at a special training session on terrorism and radicalization.The session, organized by the RCMP, also included Quebec provincial police and intelligence agents Prada Bags Replica.

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