With Mandeep Singh-Samra / Vibe Marketing UK

With Mandeep Singh-Samra / Vibe Marketing UK

Mandeep Singh-Samra ‘AKA Sam’ was first introduced to me via Nicky Thomas of Smart PA Support. When we sat down together for coffee we hit it off straight away.  Sam’s business VIBE is also a franchised business, so over and above discussing networking we had a lot of mutual interests, such as how we manage our franchise businesses.

It still amazes me how you can enter a meeting with an agenda, and have it turned on its head by listening to what people have to say. I think both Sam and I came away with much more than either of us anticipated.

  • Why did you think a meeting with BforB would be beneficial?

“I’m always open to meeting new people. I have in the past been a member of BforB and was aware of your success as a franchise. I was intrigued to find out more about the actual BforB Franchise operation, as my own business VIBE is franchised.  I was interested to hear about your experiences and perspective on franchising.”

  • What are your thoughts after our meeting?

“I believe that there is definitely a symbiotic relationship that will develop. As a former member of BforB I understand the importance of high quality referral marketing. When I take on a new franchisee I also push heavily the importance of genuine lead generation activity. Opening relationships with BforB means that I can actively and knowledgably discuss this with VIBE franchisees, and ensure that they speak to the right person in the right area.”

  • You’ve certainly jumped on board, and we love your passion. You also sponsored our recent BforB Awards. How did that go?

“When you mentioned it I just thought it was a great idea.  So I was more than happy to sponsor the champagne drinks reception and the award ‘BforB Coordinator’ of the year – which was won by Jenna Pass, BforB Staffordshire. It was a great evening, I really enjoyed it. My heartfelt congratulations to all the winners.

Acknowledging members and the teams is fantastic. I had a great night, and enjoyed meeting some of the members and Regional Directors”.

  • You mention VIBE is also franchised. What areas do you cover?

“We currently have 10 franchisees in the UK, Malta, Dubai & Slovenia.  Our Maltese franchisee is about to start discussions about opening a BforB franchise. Like me he sees the possibilities of our two businesses working alongside each other.  Duncan Williams at VIBE in Poole is also looking at starting a local BforB group”.

  • What would be your top tips to anyone looking at buying into a franchise?
  1. “Make sure you have a passion in what you will be providing. It’s important that you convey the right ethos and energy into your business”.
  2. “Find out what makes the franchise you’re looking at different from all the others in that category. What are they providing that offers that little bit more? A great USP, support and advice. Allowing you to compete against other businesses in your sector”.
  3. “You pay a franchise fee. It’s important to also realise you need some working capital to cover the first few months, possibly up to a year. This will give you a safety net while you develop your business.”

VIBE is a full-service marketing agency, also offering mobile app development, bespoke websites, on-line shops and much more. If you want to find out more about VIBE then visit their website at www.vibemarketing.co.uk 


Mel Fisher

Director BforB UK

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